Build/Design Costs

The initial website design and MembershipWorks configuration costs essentially relate to how long it takes me to do the work. The simpler the job the less it will cost. There is no upper limit I’m afraid. However, to give you an indication, the very simplest website design with limited content and a basic member management installation (including a members directory/map, a simple events page, email reminders, simple payment gateway and billing) would cost about £2,000.

A more typical build with multiple membership types, multiple payment gateways and billing types, different categories of event, more member data fields, more website content, members-only areas, online forms/donations/shop would be around £5,000. The amount of content and additional pages has a significant impact on the costs.  It is best to contact me to discuss the scale and scope of the work required in relation to your budget. 


Simple website and member management system

approximately £5,000

More complex membership management system with additional functionality and content

Ongoing Costs

There are ongoing costs associated with any website. As a minimum, you will need to pay for the cost of domain name registration and hosting. There is a constant technological ‘arms race’  between website platforms and between platforms and ‘hackers’. Therefore, websites need to be constantly updated. Some website platforms have updates applied automatically but these tend to be more expensive to host on and less flexible in terms of what they can do.

WordPress is free to keep updated because it is open-source software. However, someone needs to do that. If you have someone who knows how to use WordPress then you will be able to maintain the website yourself.

I offer a hosting and maintenance contract for websites that I build if you need it. The cost of this will depend on the complexity of your website. Included will be minor content or design changes each year. I won’t maintain websites built by other people as the risk is too great to me (if something goes wrong it may take me a long time to work out why).

As you need an online membership system you will also need to have someone in place to manage this for you. I can’t do that for you. It is your management system. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge to be able to post events or blog items (basic WordPress) if required.




In addition, you will have monthly fees to pay to MembershipWorks. Please click through the link above to see the latest fees. At the time of writing, they are

<50 members = free. (You can not take membership fees through the system)

51-300 members = USD29/month

301-600 members = USD49/month

601-1,200 members = USD79/month

1,201-2,500 members = USD129/month

2,501-5,000 members – USD189/month

5,001-10,000 members = USD239/month

>10,000 members = contact us

In my view, these are very competitive prices for the level of service offered.  


Day Rate

My day rate for consultancy, ad hoc site development, and training is £350.

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