How I will design your website

The mechanics of the build

I will build your website using the WordPress content management system (CMS) and DIVI theme as the design framework. I will configure your member management system using MembershipWorks and then integrate this with your website. If you don’t already have one I will set up a domain and domain email address. I will also set up and install a premium SSL certificate to help protect your members’ data.

About WordPress

About 30% of all the websites in the world are built using WordPress, including large organisations such as BBC America, Toyota, Sony Music, Microsoft News …

Flexible and user-friendly. Good ranking in search engines. Not coding from scratch helps to keep design costs down

About DIVI theme

DIVI theme is a design framework used by over 1.3 million WordPress websites around the world.

Very configurable and packed with features.

I can use another WordPress theme if you prefer. 

About MembershipWorks

MembershipWorks is an advanced all-in-one membership, directory, events, and donation platform for chambers, associations, professional, networking and other membership groups.

Great value for money compared to the competition. Very easy to use. 

The process 

Step 1: Goal identification

We need to establish your goals as soon as possible. However, I will assume that you want a new online member management system as a minimum.

Step 2: Scope definition

I would aim to create a website design that aligns with your overarching strategy. In addition to member management, it must help people understand your organisation and what you offer. What content, features and functions does your website need to achieve this? We will agree on the scope of the work.

Step 3: Site map and management processes

You will provide me with a site map for the website. This will inform the website’s information architecture. We will review it together and agree on a final version. This will ensure that we have a common understanding of the structure of the website.

In addition, we must have a clearly defined set of member management processes. How will you be managing your members using this new system? This is particularly important where there are manual steps to build in. 

Step 4: Content creation

Content, and particularly images,  is very time-consuming to produce.  You will need to provide me with final versions of correctly formatted content. Not doing so has a big impact on the time and cost of building the website.

You will provide me with logos and brand colours. 

Step 5: The building phase

I build the website, configure MembershipWorks and integrate the two. 

Step 6: Review and testing

Making sure that all looks and works as it should.

Step 7: Import of member database

You will need to provide your existing member database to me in a correctly structured CSV file format that can be recognised by the new system.

Step 8: Review and launch

A final review to make sure that all is well. I can provide the necessary administrative permissions to your membership officer/s and deliver training if required.  The site is ready for launch.

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